Read what our patients are saying about us.

Ele T is amazing, I’ve gone from hardly being able to move my neck and back to feeling better than I have in years in just a couple of weeks, which with a new baby requiring lots of lifting and carrying, seems nothing short of a miracle! I’ve also seen another therapist here for holiday cover, another Ellie, who was also very good. The reception staff are all lovely, premise is well maintained, highly recommend on all counts.

Donna Bannister

Just wanted to say I’m hugely thankful to Ele and very upset that financially I can’t carry on the treatment! I’ll be recommending Alba to everyone! only wish I had gone sooner and while I was working so I could afford it.

Scott Harris

Amazing one hour sports massage today…. bought the Groupon offer so was great value for money. would recommend and will return xx

Leanne Edwards

I have visited Alba for many months now and really enjoyed my visits there. All the staff are so friendly and make you feel completely at ease. Kate who did my treatment is such a lovely person…(l felt like I was going to visit a friend rather then to get an adjustment) and she is amazing at her job, really helping with my problems with my back! I would not hesitate to recommend Alba in the future and want to thank all the staff there for amazing treatment and care.

Gemma Duxbury

Best decision I ever made! After a desperate attempt to get rid of my migraines I phoned up and got an appointment that day as I felt my head would explode and was pregnant! I also have a toddler as well… the agony!! Lewis really helped me and then he helped with my pgp and kept me walking and active in my pregnancy like I hadn’t been with my first!! I love all the team! The receptionists are the happiest I’ve ever met! Thank you you all for the support you have given and still do fit my back and pelvis!

Emily Bryant-Crawford

 I wish to highly recommend Alex and his team at Alba and I wish I has used his services 8 years ago. In my case finding such a great alternative professional has been the best move I have ever made. Thank you Alex for everything you have done for me.

Ray Corcoran

Alba is the best decision I’ve ever made. Starting my full treatment soon, but just being told exactly what is wrong with me, the course of action and a full consultation can help more than you could ever imagine! I highly recommend Lewis- he puts you first and always makes sure you’re happy and comfortable. All the staff in Alba are lovely also.

Harley Clarke

I can really recommend Alba Chiropractic, the service and the care are fantastic. I know it is a journey to recovering health and will take consistent visits to Alba – I’m confident the team here will take good care of me and my family.

Rachael Dunn

I am a 15-year-old dancer and have been suffering from sciatic-like pains for over two years. I had tried a range of different treatments – ranging from doctors to physiotherapists – but nothing seemed to work. I eventually decided to try chiropractic and chose Alba based upon the outstanding qualifications of Jemma and her husband. Jemma has been very positive right from the beginning and diagnosed an understandable reason for my pains. I have been receiving treatment for around eight weeks and the improvement has been tremendous. I am now able to do things my body was unable to do before treatment.


I came to Alba because I had a pain in my coccyx, which kept me awake at night and unable to sit on the sofa comfortably. I am only four weeks into my treatment, but already I can sit on the sofa and my chair at work. I no longer get woken up in the night by the pain, and there are some days when the pain is gone, which has encouraged me to keep doing the exercises that Jemma gives me to do between visits. I have also discovered that my short-term memory has improved, which is fantastic.


I had been enduring sciatica, lower back and right hip pain for several months, which was responding to painkillers. It was restricting what I could do in my daily life, such as fun activities with my children, and I was putting maintenance jobs off around the house. After my first adjustment, I started to improve and, by six weeks, my symptoms had been resolved. Advice on my back posture at work and whilst driving has helped prevent recurrences of my problem, and I was fitted with an orthotic sole insert following a scan, which has taken pressure off my spine.


I suffer very badly with tight shoulders and back, and tension in my neck, head and jaw. Following a recommendation from my son to see Kristy for treatment, as he had studied with her at college, I made the appointment and went to my initial visit. Kristy immediately put me at ease – explaining exactly what she was going to be doing with me and how much pressure she would apply, which I found to be extremely helpful. Kristy is very much a people person and I would recommend her 100 percent to anybody I know.


I find all of the staff friendly and my treatment here from Alex has not only helped me mobility-wise, but has also put an end to my dependency on prescriptive medications. I would like to thank everyone at Alba, but especially ‘Dr Magic’ Alex – a truly unique individual and practitioner.